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Why did you remove palm oil?

When we say we makes it better, we really mean it. Our customers tell us ethically sourced ingredients matter, and we agree. Removing palm oil is a step we’re taking to create confectionery that is better for the environment.

What have you replaced it with?

Sunflower oil has proved the best choice from an environmental, health-related and manufacturing perspective.

Where is the sunflower oil from?

Mostly Europe with some from Argentina, as a commercial sunflower oil crop is not yet available in Australia.

When did you start making palm oil free products?

Every single we treat is guaranteed to be palm oil-free, and now contains sunflower oil.

Why hasn't your packaging changed?

The ingredients still say vegetable oil!

As you can imagine, replacing millions of individual labels all over the country takes time. Our aim is to have all our packaging updated by March 2021.

Why does the process take so long?

Products on supermarket shelves and in warehouses need to be sold before new ones can take their place. Similarly, we buy millions of labels at a time, so to avoid waste we need to use these before they’re replaced.

How many products have you removed palm oil?

The entire our range – about 100 products. Sadly, as part of the process, we had to discontinue Stix as it couldn’t be made without palm oil.

What other things are you doing to

'Make it better?'

We use 100% sustainably sourced cocoa in all our chocolate products and pay a premium for it to help fund sustainability programmes in Ghana. We are intending to transition to fully renewable energy by 2025 and are exploring ways to make our packaging eco-friendlier.